Waste Water Pumping Stations Automation

Initial situation

Control cabinets badly degraded and possible location changes. Lack of communications for remote supervision.


Cabinets substitution for new models equipped with RTU. Supervision system extension to integrate the new stations.


The cabinets must be equipped with RTU (GSM) compatible with the existing Scada software. Supervision modifications in order to integrate the new stations in accordance with the existing philosophies. The new cabinets’ dimensions/ format must be adapted to each location. GSM cards are customer´s responsibility.

Work performed

Supplying the customized new cabinets and 2 electrified plates for the remaining existing cabinets. Execution of RTU programming.  At the installation´s end, was updated the supervision system with the integration of the new stations.

Results obtained

Individual operation with greater reliability. Possibility to communicate malfunctions and automatic operational data transfer. Possibility to access in real time to each station state and remote control. Simpler diagnosis of most eventual anomalies, which will translate to minor intervention time. Automatic traceability of all kind of malfunction or event.