Software for automated palletization with automatic creation of mosaics


Software for automated palletization with automatic creation of mosaics.

Initial Situation

Need to enhance production capacity and palletization of new products.


Automate the palletization of 4 new lines supported on robots, with the possibility to add a new line in the future.


  1. To guarantee that the system can palletize the totality of products, without undermining the takts of the existing machines.
  2. To guarantee the automatic creation of mosaics due to the diverse range of products.
  3. Interconnection of our control system with the customer’s ERP, in order to generate and validate the products’ lables within production.

Work performed

Electrical project, execution, installation and placing in servisse of:

    • Product indexation and tracing system.
    • Robot programming for product handling through tracking operations.
    • Robot programming for layer products handling.
    • Robot programming for sheets handling.
    • Development and inplementation of software for automatic creation of mosaics.
    • Development and implementation of software for products’ tracing and subsequently involving and labelling operations.
    • Within the above automation tasks, several PLC´s and industrial computers were used to control de new system, using the most recente technologies available, namely the control with “tablet”.

Results obtained

The obtained results met the customer’s expectations. The new lines reached the contracted takts.