Groundwater Automation

Initial situation

Local control cabinets without any possibility of extension to fulfill the new requirements. Inexistence of a centralized control system and data cables installation possibility.


Implement an integrated and automatic management system of groundwater flow depending on the volume of stored water at the production unit. Automatic collecting data for a centralized data base.


The system must be based upon a Scada Wincc software and located at the production unit. The local cabinets must be new and provided with wireless communication. The groundwater pumps  must be equipped with frequency converters.

Work performed

Cabinets substitution in each groundwater station, based upon PLC and GSM communication. Supplying of a new central cabinet for the production plant to control the remote stations. Storage and communication by GSM. Scada supervising and monitoring system implementation. All collected data are automatically stored in a data base, for further consultation.

Results obtained

Overall operation with greater reliability. Average water flow level automation regarding groundwater storage level. Automatic access to relevant data and remote access to each station. Water flow levels automated management in accordance with the required level for storage tanks. Real time supervision and reporting of the entire system. Besides all the operation simplicity it has been achieved, a water consumption saving by suiting the captured volume in accordance with the consumed volume. It has also been achieved the preservation of the groundwater geological characteristics.