Cooling Plant Automation

Initial situation

Lower performance at existing plant. Renewal of some equipment   and control cabinet improvements needed.


Start over the control philosophy through a completely new program. Integration of the new and existing dispersed equipment. Control cabinet improvement. Implement a remote supervision system.


Must use the maximum recovered electrical materials. The communication interface must be Ethernet for further interconnection within the existing industrial network. The frequency converters to integrate must be Danfoss IP54 class. New electrical drawings must be executed and the program must be properly added with comments. The existing Wincc supervision system must be extended to support this installation.

Work performed

Overall electrical drawings, supported by Eplan, in order to incorporate the required installation extensions. Existing PLC extension and integration with the new Ethernet touch screen. Plc control software development in accordance with the new algorithm, as well as for the new equipment. Frequency converters installation on relevant motors and sensors renewal.  Electrical installation of the new and transferred equipment. Cabinet integration within the industrial network.  Execution of the new Wincc screens for the remote supervision system. The scope of work was developed into several phases, with plant in operation, being allowed minimal stops. Startup assistance was developed on site and remotely (by Ethernet connection).

Results obtained

The energy consumption was drastically reduced as well as the number of compressors starts and stops. Glycol water temperature and pressure provided to different consumers has better control and within the required limits. The operator interface became much easier and intuitive. The diagnosis system was substantially improved. The cabinet ended up improved and perfectly identified. The dispersed systems were integrated which helped to simplify the overall operation.