Bottle Inspection by Artificial Vision

Initial Situation

All the inspections made along the filling line is made by the operators.


To supply automatic systems for inspection supported by artificial vision which enables the control of filling levels, labels and laser marking.


  • To detect filling levels above or below pre-defined values.
  • To detect the presence/absence of labels, including the label’s horizontality.
  • To detect the presence/absence/quality of laser marking (OCR).

Work Performed

Development and installation of a set of structures for installing the four inspection points, where cameras and lighting systems were installed, adequate to each kind of inspection. Development of the rejection systems to assure non-compliant bottles are removed from the production line.

Development of the global software to control the installation, through a PLC which is responsible for the synchronism with the filling line and the rejection systems.

Development of the control software of the inspection systems supported by Halcon software, using an industrial computer for acquisition of images from the different inspection systems. Development of the entire HMI for parameter setting of the different inspection systems installed.

Results Obtained

Due to the good results obtained, the customer ponders to propagate this kind of system to other filling lines.