Industrial Engineering


Deltamatic, since its origin, has always believed in continuous training of its technical staff regarding usage of the most recent technologies, as a mean of responding more efficiently to challenges posed by customers.

Combining intrinsic knowledge with the experience acquired with the projects implemented, we can say that, nowadays, Deltamatic possesses a wide range of competencies regarding project/execution which allows to be comfortable in the following areas:

Data acquisition network

Adequate information in real-time is becoming more and more appreciated, since it allows the implementation of a more efficient control. Measurement is directly connected to control and modern management uses acquisition network to access the required measurements.

Energetic efficiency

Energy will tend to be na asset more and more expensive, so it will be a good practice to adopt equipment and operational procedures in order to improve the energetic income and global sustainability. For each reality we will have a specific project of energetic efficiency.

Logistic systems

The automation of certain phases of the global process, can, in a simple/economic way, lead to considerable efficiency gains, releasing human resources to other major value tasks, or, automate phases of the process which represent higher risks to the operators.

Industrial networks of communication

Deficient communication between the several agents of a global production process has contributed to its modest performance. In this sense, the implementation of the adequate communications is vital, as the preparation for the upcoming industrial revolution 4.0 (IoT).