Artificial Vision

The container of any product reflects not only the image of its brand but also its quality promise. It contains important information for the consumers which when presented in an appealing and perfect form can influence them to choose one product over another.

The latest technological advances in the domain of artificial vision allow to access more easily to these kind of equipment, making them more reliable and mostly simplified their application to a wider set of situations, therefore, potentially more projects.

An efficient system for products/containers inspection allows to reject, in proper time, defective products, assuming a crucial part within the quality assurance and continuous production flow, without unnecessary stops, minimizing production costs.

Deltamatic possesses the necessary and specialized skills to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions, sustained on artificial vision, aimed to the visual inspection of products/containers.

Deltamatic´s DNA leads to the continuous evolution on advanced industrial technology. Combining this factor to the large experience in several projects related to visual inspection systems, make Deltamatic a potential player in the market of these kind of solutions.