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Qualified technical staff and the usage of the most recent technologies, allow responding efficiently to challenges posed by customers.

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Deltamatic possesses wide experience on design, development and construction of projects with integrated robots on industrial plants. The prices of the equipment “robot” becomes more and more competitive, which opens the horizons for its applications.

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The container of any product reflects not only the image of its brand but also its quality promise. It contains important information for the consumers which when presented in an appealing and perfect form can influence them to choose one product over another.

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The so called Industrial Software (intended for PLC´s) is becoming more and more important in the industrial “world” of today.

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Deltamatic has wide experience in designing and producing electrical cabinets for a large range of industrial automation areas, in which pretends to assume a reference position in national and international markets.

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DELTAMATIC has large experience in several kinds of electrical services on site (industrial plants), namely.

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"Deltamatic's team gives us a support, knowledge and confidence that reassures us about the work and commitment, which makes us pleased and comfortable to continue with the long-standing partnership, and to recommend their services.”

Daniel Santos

(Projects & Utilities Manager), Sociedade da Água de Luso

In the south of Europe, large-scale investment projects for new Tissue production lines are dominated by large Italian companies which stand for years with the major European players of this sector.During the project of the two palletizing lines carried out during 2015, Navigator FINEPAPER, S.A. wanted to change this trend and made the first contact with DELTAMATIC. If there was some concern about the technical capacity of this company, it has dissipated in the first contact. DELTAMATIC stands at the level of large companies which compete in the large-scale markets. The approach to the project, work methodology and solutions presented positions DELTAMATIC, in my opinion, at the level of big players within this area.

Rodrigo Paveia

(Mill Manager BU TISSUE VVR)