Who We Are

Founded in 1999 and arising from the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs with wide expertise on industrial automation projects, DELTAMATIC intends to position itself to its customers as a reliable partner, experienced and expert on executing value driver projects.

DELTAMATIC focuses on designing, developing and building industrial automation systems, aiming to solve some of the problems of each of its customers.

Supporting on areas such as intelligent robotics, artificial vision and industrial software, offers its customers highly technological and innovative solutions, customized to the specificities of each challenge. It aims that the solution represents a custom-made “suit”.

Its 17 years of experience has covered a diverse range of industrial sectors, as the main activity is transversal. Nevertheless, the main focus is the food and beverage industry.


Vision and Mission

Vision: To be recognized as a company of excellence in creating value to its customers and compliant with the commitments assumed, always searching for the most efficient solution to the challenges posed. To assume a reference position on high value-added industrial automation systems, with a competitive price.

Mission: To maintain the tradition of achieving its customers’ expectations, helping them obtaining the highest return on investments. To keep investing in equipment, systems and highly qualified human resources, in order to persist adding value to business relations and partnerships.

Our Approach

We design and develop industrial automation systems, tailor made on turn-key basis.

We establish with our customers, beyond simple business relationships, well-structured partnerships sustained on the true value that Deltamatic offers regarding other competitors.




DELTAMATIC’s technical team with academic background in several areas, presents high competencies in electro technical engineering, automation, industrial robotics and visual inspection systems, among others, which grants a high self-sufficiency in these operation areas.

The existing know-how makes Deltamatic a preferential option in project execution for partners highly recognized nationally and internationally.

The excellence of the products and services delivered results from the strong investment on specialized training of their teams, the capacity to perform integrated project and the participation on R&D projects which are aligned with the company’s innovation strategy.

Deltamatic integrates a network of partners from the Scientific and Technological System, allowing their engineering teams a permanent increased updating regarding studies and scientific advances in the operation areas.





"Deltamatic's team gives us a support, knowledge and confidence that reassures us about the work and commitment, which makes us pleased and comfortable to continue with the long-standing partnership, and to recommend their services.”

Daniel Santos

(Projects & Utilities Manager), Sociedade da Água de Luso

In the south of Europe, large-scale investment projects for new Tissue production lines are dominated by large Italian companies which stand for years with the major European players of this sector.During the project of the two palletizing lines carried out during 2015, Navigator FINEPAPER, S.A. wanted to change this trend and made the first contact with DELTAMATIC. If there was some concern about the technical capacity of this company, it has dissipated in the first contact. DELTAMATIC stands at the level of large companies which compete in the large-scale markets. The approach to the project, work methodology and solutions presented positions DELTAMATIC, in my opinion, at the level of big players within this area.

Rodrigo Paveia

(Mill Manager BU TISSUE VVR)